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April 2024
Congratulations, Alex! We really appreciate all of your hard work and mentoring in the lab.
February 2024
Another beautiful cake
from Kelly
February 2024
Lab + friends winter party
August 2023
Pho and friendship after a long week
lab pho.jpg
April 2023
Harry Wang joins the team as a Graduate Student

Welcome, Harry!

January 2023
Alex Bastian joins the team as a Post-Doc

Welcome, Alex!

January 2023
Miller and Serody lab holiday party
January 2023
Lab lunch outing to celebrate Katy's birthday
image (1).png
December 2022
Vasyl Zhabotynsky joins the team as a Bioinformatics Scientist

Welcome, Vasyl!

November 2022
Miller-Milner labs joint Thanksgiving outing
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 9.39.41 AM.png
November 2022
Congratulations, Harry, on a great post-rotation poster presentation
September 2022
Kelly ups the cake game for Matt's birthday

The gauntlet has been thrown.

August 2022
Miller lab beach trip

One perk of Chapel Hill - we're only a few hour drive from the NC shore. Next lab trip ... Appalachian mountains (also only a few hours away)

August 2022
Happy birthday, Kelly!
Image from iOS (3).jpg
Kelly Chong.jpg
July 2022
Kelly Chong joins the team as a research associate

Welcome, Kelly!

July 2022
Kate Vietor joins the team as a research associate

Welcome, Kate!

ID photo.jpg
June 2022
Matthew Zimmerman joins the lab for his PhD work

Welcome, Matt!

June 2022
First Miller lab BBQ

Grillmaster Brian served up burgers and hot dogs, which paired nicely with the sides by Sonia, homemade ice cream provided by Emily and Arthur, and 7-layer dessert bar by Matt and Gabby. Special guest appearance by Charlie, Matt's dog, who is applying for the position of "official lab mascot."

February 2022
Emily Cox joins the team as a staff scientist

Welcome, Emily!

Winter 2021
The Miller Lab officially opens
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